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City of Corfu

City of Corfu

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Spianada Square – Liston – Palace of St. Michael and St. George

Corfu town is a beautifully preserved town full of palaces, fortresses and old buildings of the Venetians that will make you feel as if you’ve travelled to another era.

It’s one interesting historically town but also one of the most charming and romantic places all over Greece.

The Spianada Square is a large square at the city of Corfu, Greece. It is the largest square in Greece and is located in front of the Old Fortress of the city of Corfu, surrounded by beautiful buildings such as Liston and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George . Its final construction dates back to the temporary French occupation of the Ionian islands and Corfu during the Napoleonic Wars. It is the most central and maybe one of the most popular sites of the city and a tourist destination.

The Liston is a long building running alongside the Spianada. It is thought that the name Liston is derived from the Venetian word ‘lista’ which had two meanings, the first was ‘a wide and straight road for a walk’ and the second ‘a wooden bench on which catalogues were inscribed’ indicating the list of names, therefore it is believed the name Liston was a combination of both meanings. Nowadays you will find many cafeterias to enjoy your coffee, and snack bar as well that some of them serve food.

Palace of St. Michael and St. George is a palace in Corfu City on the island of Corfu, Greece. The Greek name is “Palaia Anaktora”. Today the palace houses the Museum of Asian art of Corfu. Locals now refer to the old Royal Gardens as the “Garden of the People”.

Going from Corfu town towards Garitsa bay, you will enjoy walking along the promenade that skirted the bay under the breeze of imposing eucalyptus trees, such as many of the residents do. Couples enjoying beautiful sunsets, kids playing around while their parents and grandparents enjoy their walk with their pets and some others jogging and exercising.

After 1klm you will find Avli restaurant, an open- air garden that overlooks the sea and the majestic Old Fortress of Corfu and bristles with flowers during the summer. A garden of tastes awaits you at the parkland of Garitsa bay, quite close to Corfu town, starting from your brunch, your lunch and finally your dinner. Furthermore in this area there are some of the best restaurants and the best places that are highly recommended and preferred by the locals. Different types of restaurants and taverns, greek traditional, grill, mediterranean, souvlaki and seafood open all day long.

Also there are many things worth visiting around Garitsa bay area. In a five minutes walking distance from Avli restaurant towards Kanoni you can visit most of them. Here are some must see in Corfu:
• Mon Repos & Palaiopolis
• Church of St. Jason and St. Sosipater
• Τhe Temple of Artemis Gorgo
• Α funerary monument to Menekratis
• A late Archaic Doric temple
• One of the towers of the fortification of the ancient city
• Parts of the port facilities of the ancient city as well as at the harbor of Alkinoos
• Findings from various periods
• Ruins of Roman baths
• The five aisled Basilica
• Archaic burial

When you arrive to Kanoni area you can pay a visit to Vlacherna monastery, and don’t miss to take a boat to Mouse island. After that enjoy the view and landing airplanes to Corfu International Airport while drinking your coffee in one of the cafeterias from high above.


***Photos by Stamatis Katapodis

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